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God's Existence: Religious and Scientific Reflection

The existence of God has been a controversial topic among scientists for many years. Even with the extensive research, debates, inquiries, discussions, and the use of artificial intelligence, scientists still have not obtained solid proof that God truly exists. It seems that the existence of God lies within the subjective beliefs and faith we humans place in religion. 

From the likes of Anthony Flew, and Mark Zuckerburg showing their belief of an intelligent creator, while Elon Musk could not comfortably admit to God's existence, there are many conflicting views, and there is still much unknown.

Dr. Puri was fascinated to see numerous legendary scientists and mystics change their concepts of the existence of God, even after they practiced these philosophies for decades. This made him question the true reality of God and he set out to explore God's true existence. In this publication, Dr. Puri draws his conclusion on the existence of God through his own personal experience and his research on the topic.

"The book is well written and offers perspective of God from various Religions. Then it offers a reflection that Spirituality is above religion. The author explores all one’s inner questions about God and God’s Existence. The book offers a philosophical look at what the God may mean to different people
And how this faith sometimes instills fear. The book is a must-read and very smoothly flows from chapter to chapter. Highly recommend this."

(Amazon Customer)

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