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Meditation Over Medication

After Dr. Puri completed his writing of Consciousness: The Ultimate Reality, he was asked by some on the technique of meditation.  Many were unsure on what method would suit them best, or there was the thought that meditation may in fact be a myth. 

Dr. Puri also began to question his own understanding of meditation. He sought answers from Indian mystics, but their answers still did not satisfy Dr. Puri

This led Dr. Puri to the writing of this text. In this text, Dr. Puri reviews and explains meditation in his eyes and focuses on its validated scientific benefits.

“This book is an eye-opener for those who are not interested in the practice of meditation. Dr. Puri‘s life long journey on spiritual endeavor and his expertise in pharmaceutical sciences provide persuasive and realistic views to daily meditation. Scientific validations in support of meditation are commendable.”

(Toshihiko Ezashi, DVM, Ph.D. Senior Scientist, Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine, Colorado.)

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