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Natural Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Reality

The introduction of the internet has created a new way for the sale of "aphrodisiacs", also known as sex boosters. The reality is, most of the formulations for these aphrodisiacs do not have sufficient scientific backing for their effectiveness and safety as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not have any control over the formulation of the products, as they are considered a supplement. Yet, the aphrodisiac industry is flourishing.

In this text, Dr. Puri emphasizes the importance of consumers knowing what makes up these aphrodisiacs, their toxicity, and their interactions with their current medications. Dr. Puri also aims to educate his readers on the use of aphrodisiacs through the latest research with the aid of his son, Dr. Raman Puri, M.D., a practicing physician who completed his medical training at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

"The widespread use of effective prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction has helped advance societys acceptance of talking about sexual dysfunction for both men and women. As the authors elegantly describe, sexual dysfunction and attempts at treating it have been around for as long as sexuality itself. Its no surprise that history is full of myths about aphrodisiacs. Despite all the advances we have made in medicine, the myth of the aphrodisiacs is as powerful as ever. However, sexual dysfunction is very often a complex problem requiring careful, thoughtful and educated treatment. Rarely is there quick natural fix. Consumers need to do their homework before buying into the claims of companies selling natural aphrodisiacs. This book is an excellent resource for those seeking to educate themselves about the history, effectiveness, safety and future of natural aphrodisiacs. Nevertheless, the information contained within the text is also important and valuable for both sides of the patient-physician equation in the treatment of sexual dysfunction."

(Siobhan Hyland McGaughey, M.D., Urologist)

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