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"The book is well written and offers perspective of God from various Religions. Then it offers a reflection that Spirituality is above religion. The author explores all one’s inner questions about God and God’s Existence. The book offers a philosophical look at what the God may mean to different people
And how this faith sometimes instills fear. The book is a must-read and very smoothly flows from chapter to chapter. Highly recommend this."

Amazon Customer on Gods Existence: Religous and Scientific Reflecion

“Dr. Puri has written this book to accentuate the importance of meditation. He has done an excellent job in illustrating the significance of meditation in modern life. He has also demystified any doubts, inhibition or myth people may have about meditation. This book is a compassionate gift to all who read it.”

Linda Castillon, Transcendental Meditation Teacher, St. Louis, & Cape Girardeau, MO on Meditation Over Medication

"Consciousness is a very complex subject and has always baffled me. The book is an eye opener for me. I am blown away by the expression of the author. Very simple, comprehensive, well written, amazing insight. A read that will stay with you a life time. A mind stretched can never go back to its original form. Captivating."

Lisa McKinzie, President/CEO of McKinzie & Company on Consciousness: The Ultimate Reality

The authors have expressed very clearly the various merits and demerits of natural aphrodisiac products on the market. Discussion on the future prospects of plant used as aphrodisiacs is excellent information for the phytochemists who are interested to pursue research limitations in the area of existing natural aphrodisiacs and their standardizations is consistent with the rising interest of global consumers in green environment. A special effort in creating the drawings of the natural products for enabling readers to identify the natural products is phenomenal. I recommend this book to the lovers of natural products without any hesitation. I hope that manufacturers, scholars and consumers of natural aphrodisiac products will take advantage of this document in years to come.

Usha Chowdhary, Ph.D. at Central Michigan University on Natural Aphrodisiacs: Myth or Reality

"Consciousness: The Ultimate Reality explores all aspects of consciousness. It is a well-written, well-researched work that I find unique in that it delves deep into the subject while still being easy to understand. That combination is difficult to accomplish and Dr. Puri has done an excellent job. I highly recommend this book; its well worth the readers time ."

Elizabeth Davis, Newspaper columnist and freelance editor, Boonville, MO on Consciousness: The Ultimate Reality

“I got the opportunity of going through the manuscript of Meditation over Medication. I am a ravenous reader and sincerely enjoyed reading it. A highly informative book. Dr Puri has given a clear look into the mind and body and the benefits of Meditation including its pits and falls by combining his knowledge of science and spirituality. A manual to assist the reader towards better health and happiness. Bravo.”

Cynthia Neff, Regional Sales Director, Holiday Inn & Suites, Columbia, MO on Meditation Over Medication

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